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Rights and Licensing

Der kleine Bergtroll / The Little Mountain Troll

If you are a publisher or manufacturer interested in licensing, a licensing agent or a literary agent, please write an email to contact (at) carvon.de to make an appointment.

An english translation of the book is available digitally on request.

Conversations may be held in german, english and french.
We are looking forward to meet you personally at the next bookfair, if Covid-19 allows it, or via phone, skype, facetime or zoom.

Frankfurter Buchmesse Special Edition 2020

Frankfurter Buchmesse Specual Edition 2020
Link to Frankfurt Rights
Link to Digital Exhibitor Profile Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 (FBM2020)
Der kleine Bergtroll Stand Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019
Frankfurt Book Fair 2019: Carvon Media's booth

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